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14 key features of a well-built website

14 key features of a well-built website
  • Are you a business marketing personnel/director?

  • What key features do you think your company website must have?

“Enjoy reading the 14 must have feature’s of a great website, but remember: before anything you need to secure a catchy URL that makes sense for your business. Once the domain is registered, then it is time to build the website!”

  • Quality Web Content

Ensure that you have included crucial business information, avoid putting your wants for the website before the needs of your website. Contact information should not be forgotten, with “click to make a call” features.

  • About Us

This page is not optional, before anyone can browse through a website, they need to know they have arrived at the right place.

  • Web page speed

Consumers lose patience quickly especially on website visits, so the faster you website responds the better.

  • Clear navigation

Easy to use and understand navigation names should be used e.g.

– About
– Contact
– FAQ’s

  • S.E.O (Search Engine Optimization)

Increase traffic from organic rankings on search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing by optimizing your website and avoid your website missing out on opportunities.

  • Security

Your website should be secure with an Secure Sockets Layer (S.S.L) certificate which encrypts communication between you and your clients e.g. credit card number and social security.

  • Good use of pictures, colour & text

Make good use of real high quality photographers for website images when possible and avoid stock photos to avoid the website looking generic but rather more credible.

Make use of simple but meaningful graphics and text that is easy to read.

  • Testimonials and Client Reviews

Include your client list and company case studies to increase trust and credibility.

  • Craft good tittle tags

Create tittles that are hard to forget and easy on the eye and brain for a more enjoyable website visit.

  • A “call to action”

Ensure to add a call to action in order to convince consumers to make that first move. i.e. >>> “contact visual impressions today and bring YOUR concept to life!”

  • Social Media Integration

Various social media platforms that appeal to various types of personalities should be linked with the website so as to help drive traffic to the website, leading to potential future sales thanks to better visibility.

– Twitter
– Pinterest
– Facebook
– Google
– Tumblr
– LinkedIn
– YouTube
– Instagram
– Four Square

3 1024x533 - 14 key features of a well-built website

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  • Various screen resolutions

There are a variety of browsers and platforms these days, smartphones and tablets are driving an increasing amount of web traffic and so a website surely has to be compatible with all types of screen sizes for various devices.

  • FAQ’s

Clients usually have a lot of questions, so go through your e-mails/message box and take 15 of the most frequently asked questions and their answers on the FAQ feature.

  • Good Hosting

Only the best web hosting is necessary for your website to be as reliable and fast as possible, preferably 99% up-time, this will help avoid server issues/ hiccups because they will disrupt your website availability.

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