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E-mail the professional way today

icp emailm - E-mail the professional way today

E-mail like a pro

Are you using a free email account e.g. (@yahoo.com & @gmail.com) or the account that came with your internet service account? These e-mails can come across as a scam, spam or unprofessional.

When I received and e-mail this week from a “tebogo.peter@yahoo.com” stating that they are a consultancy company doing marketing research on behalf of a bank in order to improve customer service, I immediately decided not to participate because the email could not be trusted. There was no way I would respond to just “anybody” and risk my personal information reaching third parties.

This consultancy did not seem reputable nor was it professional enough, so they lost out because of a simple e-mail address let’s start e-mailing the professional way, today.

Additional reasons to get a professional e-mail:

  • Improved professional image and trust
  • Creates brand name recognition
  • It is easier to remember the email
  • Increase authenticity and hence your email is not regarded as spam. Personalisation increases the probability of your email being opened.
  • Conversation rates are increased (greater interaction).


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