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Grand branding with graphics

Graphic design is a form of art that uses photography, typography and illustrate corporate identity and communicate brand promise using visuals. Nobody wants to look like everyone else, which is why every company needs its own unique, representative and professional logo. Do not forget that having a distinctive brand identity gives customers motivation to buy from you instead of competitors.

Graphics mainly use symbols and when branding is done well, business is boosted because consumers buy products and services because they look worthy. Research has proved that brands that do not look good enough have to compete solely on price and this means less profits for a business. Below are reasons why your company needs good graphics;

  • Creates strong brand identity for the business
  • The brand can be easily recalled/remembered
  • Attention is grasped through its looks, colours and effects.
  • Builds superior staff loyalty as they have a sense of belonging
  • Increases sales or products and services
  • Increases customer loyalty as everyone has brand preferences
  • Helps position your products and services in market


Be particular when choosing a graphic designer because there will always be a shocking difference between the work of a professional graphic designer and a non- designer. These are a few common mistakes non-designers usually make:

  • The use of more than two different fonts and failure to use correct fonts for that product/service
  • Choosing the wrong colour for the product or service / inappropriate colour combinations
  • Not aligning elements
  • Failure to scale elements correctly
  • Using words where they should have used visuals
  • Long lines of text- a sentence that should be a paragraph
  • Bad letter spacing, also known as bad kerning
  • Inadequate use of white space
  • Lack of contrast, leading to an ineffective design
  • Failure to obey visual hierarchy rules

What are you waiting for? Call US, the right graphics people and give your company professional branding so as to get brand identity & recognition and brand loyalty in the long run.

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