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Reaping the benefits of Social Media- for Your Business

Reaping the benefits of Social Media- for Your Business

Why is it important to have a social media business page? In the current years, social media is the game changer in everything that surrounds us. A number of factors that make it mandatory for every business to have social media presence, below we have listed some of the available platforms you can consider using for your business:

  • Facebook

Compromises of the largest blend of demographics than any other platform, it is the easiest to manage and allows best possible targeting.

  • Instagram

Perfect for events and trade-shows because of its photo sharing nature.

  • Twitter

Allows posts to go viral, more shares and re-tweets equals to more followers, hashtags also help build momentum.

  • LinkedIn

Perfect for business to business marketing, connecting with professionals is easiest on LinkedIn.

  • YouTube

As the second largest search engine, it has major traffic and being owned by googled, targeting will be easier on YouTube than any other platform.

  • Bua (local smart phone app)

Local application that is meant to help people review brands easily, this is very important as it helps the next brand user decide whether to go for it or not.

The above mediums will each give online presence and visibility and presence for your brand and appeal to the different type of people who all prefer the various social media platforms.

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Your company will be able to do the following with online presence:

  • Increase brand awareness and loyalty

It becomes easier for customers to find you and then to connect with you, which will increase customer retention for the business.

  • Generate Leads

Lead generation is increased, and with proper management these leads can in future be turned into sales.

  • Increase Website traffic and search ranking

The provision of website links on your social media pages will increase website traffic by re-directing people to the website with a simple click.

  • You can share content faster and easier

Social media content spreads like a wild fire because of the viral effect of shares and tags.

  • Gain valuable customer insights

You will be shocked how much information about your customers you will be able to generate about your customers in real time. Daily tweets, shares and likes all have information about your participants- who are they, what are they like and their perception of your brand.

  • Possible to run targeted ads with real-time results

An inexpensive way to distribute content and promote business. You can target demographics, age group and interests, so probability of reaching your target market increases.

  • Build Relationships

A two way interaction channel between customer and clients that helps build relationships.


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