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SEO your way to the top

search_engine_optimizationSearch Engine Optimization is a method that uses strategies, techniques and tactics on the pages of your website to ensure that Search Engines (like Google, Yahoo and Bing) can interpret the content of your website. This will enable people to find your website, resulting in an increase of visitors to your website. A few common search engines and their estimated unique monthly visitors according to eBizMBA Rank include:

  • Google (1, 600, 000, 000)
  • Bing (400, 000, 000)
  • Yahoo (300, 000, 000)
  • Ask (245, 000, 000)

When searching for something on the internet (e.g. via google), it is rare to go through all links provided by the search engines, usually the first two or three options will suffice. What is the point of then having a website with low rankings, with links appearing on page 2 of the search list therefore meaning your website is hidden and no one will find it?

There are various ways to achieve the desired results where SEO is concerned because like most website out there today, Search Engines are also businesses and would like to make some money. One way of attaining high rankings is by paying Search engines to list you at the top of the results or on pages that your customers visit, for example;

Let’s say Tebogo searches “hair salons in Gaborone” on Google, she will see a number of results including your paid advert at the top of the page. When she then goes about her business visiting Facebook to chat with friends and Instagram to post pictures of her lunch, the google adverts she previously searched will appear on her time lines because social media picks up your previous google searches and uses the information to feed relevant advertisements to respective consumer’s timelines. This is also inclusive of news stories, all will labelled as “google ads,” including your paid hair salon advertisement, increasing the chances of Tebogo visiting your website and eventually your hair salon.

The other type of SEO is generic, this is when you have a professional web developer look through your site to make sure that Search Engines can interpret the content on your website and then place it accordingly. How this works is you have to actively compete with your competition for that number 1 spot, which is achieved by performing a better SEO than your competitors. Your website’s traffic also plays a part in how high your website will be ranked by Search Engines.

Make your website easily accessible and increase traffic with SEO, this will also improve your brand’s credibility and trust as people have great confidence in google. More visitors equals to more potential clientele finding you, which is a better return on investment (ROI) than a website functioning without SEO.

Take the lead, be seen on worldwide search engines through permanent results of SEO techniques, you too deserve a HIGH RANKING.

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